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Basalt ( no holes, flamed + brush)
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Quick detail »

Name: Basalt Tile
Style: no hole
Surface Finish: Flamed + Brush
Usage: Interior or Exterior building material, Paving Stone, Landscaping Stones
Specialty: Basalt is a natural,lightweight, durable, and strong material.
Manufacturer: MIDSUN Stone

Specification »

Midsun, Specialising Exculsive in the Supply of Basalt

As one of volcanic rock, Basalt (lavastone) is verified to be a lightweight, durable, and strong material. Its uniformity of colour and endless finish possibilities make it ideal for both interior and exterior applications, include tiles of wall & floor, pavings & kerbstones, and water fountains, etc.
Basalt is a porous material with naturally-occurring holes that may remain unfilled or be factory-filled with resin or cement.
There are so many kinds of face’s finish of Basalt, such as honed, polished, sawn, antiqued, bush hammered, split, sand-blasted and tumbled etc.

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