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Basalt / Lavastone / Volcanic
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Basalt / Lavastone / Volcanic

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basalt Lavastone Volcanic
Interior Wall Cladding (by Basalt tiles)

1) Specification of  Basalt

As one of volcanic rock, Basalt (lavastone) is verified to be a lightweight, durable, and strong material. Its uniformity of colour and endless finish possibilities make it ideal for both interior and exterior applications, include tiles of wall & floor, pavings & kerbstones, and water fountains, etc.
Basalt is a porous material with naturally-occurring holes that may remain unfilled or be factory-filled with resin or cement.
There are so many kinds of face’s finish of Basalt, such as honed, polished, sawn, antiqued, bush hammered, split, sand-blasted and tumbled etc.
MIDSUN are one of leading manufacturer and wholesaler of stone products. The origin of basalt we supply is located at Hainan Island of China. We have operated basalt products for many projects. Contact us right now, we are glad to propose your right offer solutions according to your actual usage areas within budget.

2) How to see more information of Basalt?

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3) Project Examples of Basalt

Paving Stone by Basalt tiles
Paving Stones by Basalt tiles
Interior Walls Decoration by Basalt tiles
Interior Walls Decoration by Basalt tiles