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  • What Makes Granite Countertops Popular?Why Midsun Stone?

    What Makes Granite Countertops Popula...

    Hits: 2,879Time: 2014-11-13

    What Makes Granite Countertops Popular? Granite from various countries like Brazil, China, Italy and India is utilized as a well-liked organic mate...

  • G603, WHY?

    G603, WHY?

    Hits: 3,891Time: 2012-08-15

    G603 granite is one of the best granite all over the world, good color, no color difference, big quarry stock and so on. But because the enviroment...

  • Monument information

    Monument information

    Hits: 4,163Time: 2012-08-01

    There are two places which mainly supply the monument products, Hui’an town in China and Tamil Nadu in India, while for the mainly market, we can ...

  • Cremation Memorialization

    Cremation Memorialization

    Hits: 3,799Time: 2012-07-13

    When cremation is chosen, many believe that memorialization is not necessary. Why is that? Many would say that since there’s no grave, there’s no n...

  • Monument materials, style and finishes

    Monument materials, style and finishes

    Hits: 3,709Time: 2012-07-11

    Monument Materials, Finishes, and Techniques Materials There are three basic types of materials that are used to create monuments. Granite is the m...

  • How to Buy a Memorial

    How to Buy a Memorial

    Hits: 8,606Time: 2012-07-10

    Consulting a Monument Builder & What to Look For Purchasing a memorial is a major investment of time and money and should be undertaken with gr...