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Coconut Mosaic Tile—–a New Green Decorative Material
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Application of Coco Mosaic----Bed Room

Application of Coco Mosaic----Bed Room

We are glad to recommend our new product, “Coconut Mosaic Tile” to you.

Coconut Mosaic tiles are hand-made by cutting coconut shells into small, perfectly sized squares, or special chips, and then bonding the squares into larger tiles. Only water-based, low emission glues, lacquers and paints are used in manufacturing the products, various colours and finish effects are available.


As one of envirnmental protection material, the Coconut Mosaic tiles form a stylish, richly textured, warm and exotic but elegant cladding. And it’s all natural and eco-friendly. So the coconut mosaic tiles give you a more responsible choice in decorating walls, ceilings and floors.

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