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the Specification of COCONUT MOSAIC Tile
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coconut mosaic tiles
coconut mosaic tiles


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We are glad to recommend our new product, “Coconut Mosaic Tile” , a Green Decorative Material.

coconut tree

Coconut palms

1) What is “Coconut Mosaic”?

Coconut Mosaic tiles are hand-made by cutting coconut shells into small, perfectly sized squares, or special chips, and then bonding the squares into larger tiles. Only water-based, low emission glues, lacquers and paints are used in manufacturing the products, various colours and finish effects are available. So the coconut mosaic tile is widely applied in the decoration of interior walls’ cladding.

2) What are the features of Coconut Mosaic Tile?

A) Natural and Environmental Material
The material of coconut mosaic tile is coconut shell. Our factory is located in the Hainan Island, the most beautiful travel destination of tropical zone in China. So there are lots of coconut palms here.
Coconut Mosaic tiles give you a more responsible choice in decorating walls while at the same time helping a greener environment by making use of otherwise wasted coconut-shell materials.

B) Exotic and Fashionable Designs
The different surfaces of coconut mosaic tile are obtained by using either the inside or the outside of the coconut shells, and by making use of polishing techniques and paint effects. The Cocomosaic tiles have various colors, exotic designs, and fashionable styles.

C) Social Responsibility
The material is coconut-shell. So we need so many labourers to collect coconut-shell, otherwise the coconut shell will be wasted.
And the coconut mosaic tile is made by hand. The coconut chips are assembled by skillful artist into tiles. All the processes that go into the production of cocomosaic tiles until they are boxed and ready to ship are tedious and mostly involve hand work. So you can see that we need lots of employees, helping more peasants getting jobs.

D) harmless to the health
We use eco-friendly glues and paints during the production. Our product was inspected by authority institutions and the formaldehyde content is complied with the lawful standard.  Click hear to see the “Test Report”. So it is harmless to the health.

3) Detailed Product Description

Material:coconut shell
Packing:8pc/ctn (5.70kg each carton)
Usage: Interior Wall Decoration
Supplier: Midsun Stone Co. / China

4) How to see  more information of Coconut Mosaic tiles?

Click the following website:
A) Click here to see different designs [more than 30 models]
B) Click here to see more information of coconut mosaic tiles
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5) Application in the in hotels, residential and commercial projects

application of coconut mosaic tiles
application of coconut mosaic tiles (interior walls cladding)

6) Photos of Producing

Producing Photos of coconut mosaic tiles
Producing Photos of coconut mosaic tiles

7) some designs of coconut mosaic

Coconut Mosaic Tiles
Coconut Mosaic Tiles (different styles)
the Decoration of Walls
the Decoration of Walls (by Coconut Mosaic Tiles)