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Export Amount of stone products statistics
Publisher: garyTime: 2012-12-28Hits: 2,662

Following there are some information of Export Amount of stone products.

From 2009-2011
Janpan is one of the largest importer of stone products, the products mainly include the tombstone and kerbstone.
Korea is the second biggest importer for the stone produccts. but the tombstone do not has the market, while the tile for project enjoy a good market.

USA and Germany take the third and fourth. The people in USA like the countertop, fountain and sculpture, while the Germany enjoy the tile for home decoration.

From 5th to 10th importers are Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Russian and Saudi arabia.

As for our company, we mainly export the products to Germany, Spain and Iran. and our advantage products is G603 thin tile, granite monument, and red color granite.