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Monument information
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Hi friend, following there are some information of the monument, welcome noted.

There are two places which mainly supply the monument products, Hui’an town in China and Tamil Nadu in India, while for the mainly market, we can include them as Japan, USA and European.

Let’s talk the manufacture place first.

The special thing in Hui’an is the professional workers, it was said about 2000 professional workers here, they can do anything of the carving what you get. Because Hua’an town is near Japan, at the beginning of the monument business, at least 90% of the factories are exporting the tombstone to Japan, we can said that, if no Japan monument, there will be no Hui’an sculpture town.

While for the monument business in India, It is very special , the monuments they produced export 100%, not for the local market. India monument is famous of the various kinds of the material color like Jet black, multicolor red, india red and so on. If you need the easy design monument, here you can get find it.

Let’s move to the main market.

Japan Market
Japanese enjoy black color and grey color best, so the shanxi black and G603 granite is the main tombstone material. In Japan, Shop to consumer is the sales style. Because Japanese is very care about the monument, so this business is very good, but in these years the monument market comes to satiate.

USA Market
Most USA monument style is very easy, like flat, slant, upright and so on. People like the jet black, pink and grey color. Shanxi black granite, G614 granite, India red is widely used for the headstone. Now Chicago is one of the biggest distribute place.

European Market
Poland is the biggest market of monument products in Europe, then the second is Italy, while third will be Spain. The monument business in most of the counties is slow except Poland.

Polish like the granite monument, special the black granite best, the Impala black from South African is one of the popular material. 80% of the company dealing the monument business only has 1-5 workers, and most of them are family company. Now South Africa, China and India has been the top 3 suppliers in Poland market.

Because the economy is not well and the environment protect, most of the countries spend less and less money at the monument business.

It comes to end Hope the information is useful for you.